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Title: Hallelujah Child
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ron/Luna (what the devil?!)
Rating: G
Word Count: 470
A/N: Happy birthday, Elyssa [ profile] anythingbutgrey!

she made it rain
she called the wind and then it came
oh, with the wave of her hand
she brought the sunshine right in
she was the sky
beyond steeple and the choir
oh, the preacher's amen
his hallelujah child

-- Coughing Colors, Tilly & the Wall

The voice floated across to him like a breeze )
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Glee! My drabble set placed first in the Hufflepuff VS Gryffindor match at [ profile] firebolt_elite! 500 points!

Title: Funeral
Word Count: 4 x 100
Rating: G
Prompt: You are to write a set of 4 drabbles each one from the perspective of a member of each house to the same subject/event. Each house's perspective is to be its own separate drabble.

Luna, Ginny, Ernie, Goyle )


Feb. 14th, 2008 11:39 am
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Wheee! Second place in the drabble contest at [ profile] quills_elite! That's my best result yet, woop woop! 200 points!

Title: Statue Boy
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
You and your mates are practicing your form in dueling club, and you've just been hit with a spell. Describe, in exactly 100 words, the effects of that particular spell (either on you as a student or you taking on the role of a canon character) on your mind, senses, or physical body. Unforgivable curses are off-limits.

“Petrificus Totalus!”

Oh, not again, thinks Neville, as something whacks him squarely in the middle of his back.

His spine locks, instantly; his arms, hanging loosely by his sides, are suddenly rigid; his knees stiffen, immovable. Less than half a second, and he feels the freeze spread through his entire body, capturing even the tips of his fingers as his friends begin to giggle. Helpless, eyes fixed and bulging slightly, he feels the saliva start to pool behind his clenched teeth.

There’s a snigger behind him, a slight pressure, and Neville is slowly, inexorably, irresistibly falling onto his face.

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The first round of Hogsmeade results are up, and my eulogy for Tonks placed second! I got points! Anyway, I knocked it up 20 minutes before the deadline, and it's painfully cheesy to read, but I may as well post it. Because I hate you all and want you to share in my pain.

It's from Andromeda's POV, just so you know.
My Daughter )

Ugh, that wasn't a eulogy, that was me wanking on and on and IT'S ALL ABOUT REMUS, REALLY. I suck :)
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Title: The Lonely Pyrophile
Word Count: 795
Rating: PG
Beta: The fantabulous [ profile] rayslady
Prompt: Write about a witch or wizard who lived before the intorduction of the Statute Of Secrecy in 1692
His talents lay elsewhere; she still blushed when she remembered the things he used to do with Growth Charms. )

Title: Ernie Macmillan: Lust For Glory
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Prompt: Hubris
I Heart Ernie )


Aug. 2nd, 2007 01:10 pm
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This post is dedicated to the fantabulous [ profile] clouded_logic and [ profile] rose_greenthumb; may the Weasley love never cease.

After the internet exploded at Li's journal last night, with all the forearms and golf and angelic maths, we decided that further celebration of Those Twins We Call Phelps was necessary. Thus, picspam!

Gred & Forge: Totally owning Goblet Of Fire )

Behind-the-scenes Phelpsy goodness )

Seriously, I cannot wait for the Order of the Phoenix DVD. FOREARMS!

EDIT: [ profile] clouded_logic has a totally awesome twinspam at her journal, with added forearms! And [ profile] tirwen_star03 also has a totally awesome twinspam, AKA THE ONE WITH THE HORSE!
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Rules: Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles and/or one to two lines from the song as your answers.

The questions are all HP (and HP:DH) related.

Note: Some of these didn't work so well with my eclectic playlist.
Songs, Songs, Songs )
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Gacked from [ profile] bishwop

A Very Big HP Meme Thing. With Spoilers. )
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I got the book at midnight. I finished at at 4:30, listening to the OotP soundtrack on repeat all the way ("Possession"...*sob*). I cried until after 5. I reread the last 150 pages. I slept at 7. And I am eternally grateful to [ profile] darkangsty42 for her magnificent read-all-the-books-in-a-week idea.

A great big disgusting, teary mess full of AWESOME, or, In Which Sophie Proclaims Her Mad Crazy Love For JK Rowling. )

Well, that's it then. My childhood is officially over. Tissue, anyone?
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So, I just saw Order of the Phoenix. At the IMAX. In 3D. Oh my.

Spoilers, and Much Enthusiasm )

So yeah, I'm seeing it again tomorrow night, then IMAX again on Monday!

EDIT: Because I forgot some of the angst )
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This is it, my friends. The end is near. In a fortnight, it will all be over.

Basically, my Harry Potter Hysteria is reaching unchartable levels of nostalgia and squee, so I thought I would do the decent thing and encourage my fellow fanatics to engage in a wise and nuanced exchange of ideas (and SQUEE) about this monumentous literary occasion (I told you I was getting excited. This isn't healthy).

Basically... I want theories, I want memories, I want fic and video recs, I want favourite moments, favourite characters, thoughts on the films and any other jazz that might apply.

Please, guys. If I don't have an outlet for my excitement my head will explode and I'll die. Do you want that on your collective conscience, flisties? DO YOU?

Yours in pathetc desperation (and SQUEE),


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