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Stolen from lovestories/[personal profile] echoes, because HOMG I hoard fanvids like a dragon hoards shiny things. IT IS RIDICULOUS.

Pick your five ten fifteen all-time favourite fanvids, the ones which made you laugh or cry or kicked you in the guts, that inspired you to offer the vidder internets and first born sons, and tell us why you loved them. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre - the only requirement is they stood out from the crowd. Also, links or it didn't happen.
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Feel free to spam the comments with your recs!
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Since I am sadly separated from my laptop, and thus unable to do any of the mix-y, upload-y stuff I had planned for the end of the year, and since after tomorrow I might not have access to LJ for a while (WOE), I'm flinging this at you now. Basically, since I fail at aesthetically pleasing picspams, it is one big random clusterfuck of a linkspam, because that is how I roll. GOOD TIMES.
2008: How Was It For You? )
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Weevils and Explosions and Revenge, oh my! )
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I really do need a more badass Ianto icon. THE BOY IS MADE OF FIERY WIN. That is all. Also, BRYAN FUCKING DICK. This episode may have excited me.
Torchwood 2x05: Adam )
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Spoily spoily spoilers for 2x04. And also glee. )

Anything strange or startling?
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Seriously, that was, like, ROBIN HOOD LEVELS of 'how to make your show way more cracky and awesome in S2'.

Torchwood 2x01: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang )
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Yesterday was possibly THE greatest day of all time. It did involve getting up at 6 o'fucking clock in the morning, but it was totally, utterly worth it.

A five hour train journey does not sound like the best way to spend a morning, but a five hour train journey with my girlies is fucking funny five hour train journey. Special mention for hilarity goes to Emma's diagram of her teeny tiny head, Kathryn's amazement at Northern scenery (" It's a fucking mountain!" ".... That's a hill.") and everyone's complete and utter failure to do any work.

Arriving in Cardiff, we decided to be fangirls and went to The Rift, AKA The Millenium Centre. Needless to say, squeeage ensued. As did photo opportunities. Now, somewhere on the Internet, there are pictures of me doing gun poses on The Rift, in a trench coat, with the collar turned up.

Then, we proceeded to the main attraction of the day: Seeing Captain Jack Harkness' alter ego John Barrowman in panto. And it didn't disappoint. He sang, he danced, he made fangirl references, there were Tardis noises. More importantly, he nearly took off his clothes. And we definitely chose the right day to go, because it was the last matinee of the run, meaning that all the performers were playing tricks on each other and corpsing non-stop. Highlights include hiding a stagehand under John Barrowman's bed.

So, after two hours spent laughing so hard and squeeing so hard that I had a stitch, we proceeded to the stage door. Oh my. Yes, I have met John Barrowman. Yes, I have been photographed with, and squeezed by, John Barrowman. Yes, I have touched his back with the very hand with which I now type these words. Yes, my friend accidentally took a picture of his crotch.

So, after all the excitement, there was nothing for it but another five hour train journey, which was obviously spent squeeing ourselves to within an in of our lives and fangirling like there was no tomorrow. Thanks to the lovely Anna, AKA [ profile] buffologist, for being as big a fangirl as we were and taking our spare ticket.

After a trudge back home, the Hardcore Four decided that the only possible way to round off the Best. Day. Evah. was to watch the final two episodes of Torchwood S1. And we cried.

Now I just have to finish Moby Fucking Dick.


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