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Loath as I am to interrupt all the Harry Potter love with something from *gasp* another fandom, I COULD NOT RESIST posting this.

British people, Heroes is coming soon and you have to watch it! That is all. Now go back to Harry Potter
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Wow, this feels slightly... awkward. It's been a while.

So, due to ongoing technical issues, I haven't *properly* posted for over a month, which sucks. And it's been quite a good month. So this is what has happened.

Star Wars Bonanza )

Heroes owns my soul )

My So-Called Life )

Technicolour Dream Coats )

And now the big one...
BETRAYAL at the Donmar )
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Heroes, Heroes, Heroes. Where did I get my fix of pretty/ violence/ homoeroticism before I knew thee? Oh, that's right, Rome. Okay, just seen the episode. Lord, that was good.

Someone flies, Someone dies... )

Wow, lots to say about that. I am so very very excited about next week. And even more excited about when it starts on BBC2 and I will be able to physically force people to watch it.
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1. Bloc Party, and London in general

This was absolutely fucking beautiful. It was on at the London Astoria, possibly the sweatiest venue I've ever been to. It's a wee bit smaller than the Apollo in Manchester, where most of my prior gigging experience has taken place (except Razorlight. I've blocked that one out), but it's really intimate, which meant I could see their pretty faces all the better. Insert smutty laugh right HERE. Kele was godlike, as always. That man has the most heartbreaking voice, I love the way he can alternate between yelping frantically and sounding like he's about to cry. Sweaty Matt rocked the drums in the face. Side note: Emma thought he was a literal drum machine for about a year.And oh my sweet lord god, the setlist. As predicted, everything went apeshit for Banquet and Helicopter, This Modern Love was a bit faster than usual, and especially awesome, and they closed with The Pioneers! Plus the new tracks rocked my cock. *le sigh*
Plus, I got to see my bestest slutty homegirl, and have a crazy Port night out, London style. 44 hours without sleep, I think that's a personal record.

2. Pilgrimage to Geordieland for Hot Fuzz signage

Simon Pegg will be mine, dammit! Plus, it's on my day off. And I get to see my Faye. And touch Simon Pegg. Who is looking really rather toned at the moment. I wish he still had Bisley hair... I miss Spaced. You can't drink a pint of Bovril.

3. Valentines Day Pilgrimage Of Love To The Tennant

We got tickets to the Recovery screening! Where he might be at the Q&A! With a beard! Actually, scratch that, he's filming Who again. Clean shaven! All kinds of things are happening in my pants right now. Hopefully The Crotchtographer, aka [ profile] rose_greenthumb will be on hand to capture the moment, Barrowman style.

4. Heroes

Seriously, this show is taking over my life. In the best possible way. Much love to [ profile] darkangsty42 for doing the decent thing and opening my eyes to this godly creation. What is not to love? We have The Eccleston, with a beard (Eep!). We have very pretty boys with emo 'bangs' which hang in their faces oh-so-attractively. Seriously, look at the icon. We have invincible cheerleaders. We have adorable Japanese geeks. We have actual, serious intrigue and, like, good plots. And stuff. I'm not just watching for the pretty, oh no. Have I mentioned the pretty? Gah.
Also, LJ really does not help the obsession (I of course mean healthy, balanced love)with its icony goodness, and the overwhelming availability of slash. One word: BroYay.

Also, this Kele interview is pretty good. Mucho insight, angst etc.,,1982746,00.html


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