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Robin Hood 3.07: Too Hot To Handle )

I've been devouring Naomi Novik's Temeraire series (I am very nearly finished with Victory of Eagles; expect a massively incoherently joyful post) and tinkering about over at [community profile] age_of_sail, and the whole giddy experience culminated in a BURNING DESIRE to submerge myself in Master & Commander. I haven't seen the film for a few years, and I've only read the first book in the series, but I remember loving them both rather a lot. JACK AND STEPHEN, THEY ARE MORE MARRIED THAN ANYONE EVER. And the DVD was on offer in HMV! My planets are aligned and all that jazz. We watched it last night and it was just as fantastic as I remembered, with the added bonus that being a few years older makes Max "grows up to be Octavian!" Pirkis EVEN MORE ADORABLE as Blakeney. It defies the intellect, how adorable this boy is. Look at his little faaaace! Also, yay Bryan Dick!

How are you? ♥
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So you know how I have all this borderline-obsessive adoration for the Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow? MULTIPY THAT BY ROUGHLY A BILLION, because I'm reading his autobiography. OH MY DAYYYYS. He went to uni in Liverpool and got kicked out for staging a sit-in! He did his VSO bit in Uganda! He met the Pope! I'm going to have such an epic reading list after I'm finished with this, because I know SO EFFING LITTLE about all the conflicts he mentions. IGNORANT SOPHIE IS IGNORANT. But yes! LOVE THAT MAN. Also he was friends with Decca, my favourite Mitford, so.

Bookwise, I'm also massively enjoying Summerland by Michael Chabon. I love Chabon anyway (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is in my Top 10, no question), but this book! It makes me want to have kids JUST SO I WOULD BE ABLE TO READ IT TO THEM. There's a werefox! I JUST LOVE BOOKS AN AWFUL LOT. I also enjoy cheap thrills, so I'm devouring all the Jennifer Crusie I can get my hands on. You guys, I'm going to be so sad when my degree is over and I won't legitimately be able to fill my days with delightful romantic fiction and eat chocolate in the bath!

Not much to say about Robin Hood, other than that, once again, I rather liked it! Tuck continues to AWESOME about all over the place; Allan got lots of lines (nose!) and was delightful; Much continues to break my heart; Edmund was, randomly, Charlie from Spooks: Code 9! I wanted him to stayyyy - The Gang needs a pretty young thing now we are sadly sans Will.

GIP! Ohh, Olivia "Goddess" Williams, you are so very lovely.

How are you? ♥
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Robin Hood 3.03: Lost in Translation )

Also, the universe clearly loves me and wants me to be happy, because the-channel-formerly-known-as-UKTV History (now Yesterday!) showed alllll of the 2006 Jane Eyre this afternoon! SEX ON MY TELLYBOX AND ALL OVER MY PANTS. Ohhh, I have missed that miniseries. TOBY! RUTH! RUPERT THE BEAR-INSPIRED RIDING GET-UPS! THROATPORN! SLANNEN THE ELF! TOBY! RUTH! KISSING IN THE RAIN! HAIR EXTENSIONS! BOOTPORN! TOBY! RUTH!

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Skins 3.10: Finale )

And on that note, VID REC! [ profile] lovestories has worked her magic again, and gone digging around the crazy messed-up head of Effy. Colorblind. IT IS A THING OF GREAT BEAUTY; all intimacy and distance and sexy young things.

While we're on the subject of vidding, the Return of Hood last night had me craving some fandom circa late 2007, so I tracked down, among other things, [ profile] yorkshirewench's stuff. SPECIFICALLY, BOYFRIENDS 2.0. Ohhh, Allan/Will, I miss you so! iMeem is being ridiculously difficult today, so who knows if you'll be able to see this, but: How to be Dead. And, BECAUSE I CAN, I'm embedding the gorgeous, gorgeous vid that encapsulates the best parts of the episode that made me fall utterly in love with this ridiculous show.

robin_requiem - yorkshirewench

And look! Sam Troughton continues to be roughly seventeen thousand kinds of adorable!

Also, [ profile] frak_spoilers is shutting down. WOE. Go and revel in the BSG-shaped crack ♥


How are you? ♥
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BSG 4.18: Islanded in a Stream of Stars )
Frost/Nixon )
Watchmen )
Milk )

Also, Scott Grimes (MALARKEY!) is Ridley Scott's Will Scarlett! I AM JOYFUL.

Also also, I stumbled across this vid via recs and I want to make everyone in the world watch it because it is THAT GOOD. It's Vienna Teng, and it's Closer, which is a film I love and adore for how fucked-up everyone is, and how awesome Larry and Alice are and how pathetic Dan and Anna are. OH OH OH. And the use of "The Blower's Daughter", but that isn't relevant to THIS VID THAT YOU NEED TO WATCH.

How are you? ♥


Jan. 2nd, 2009 09:53 pm
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VIA [ profile] armitage_daily:


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Merlin 1.08: The Beginning of the End )

Who saw Bradley James and Angel Coulby doing the Lottery? I get such a kick of seeing him in normal clothes (like on Strictly Come Dancing, wearing a tie!), it is ridiculous. Also, he is kind of adorably endearingly lame and goofy. Like, when it was time for him to press the Lottery Plunger Of Wealth Creation he said, "May we have a deserving winner", and Angel was kind of smirking like "LOL you're an idiot" and I don't know, he is just sort of lovely. Also, this.

LOL Robin Hood. ♥ Kate Beaton!

You know what's adorable? Colin Morgan plus one non-creepy adorable small child.
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I may have written Robin/Marian fic. I BLAME [ profile] thedreamygirl AND [ profile] saythewordsthen. I am unable to resist a ficathon. It's a problem I have.

Title: Footwork
Author: [ profile] sophieisgod
Written for: [ profile] takemeto_utopia at the [ profile] saythewordsthen ficathon.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine! If they were, they'd be better at kissing.
Word count: 938
Summary: Prompt: second person, present or future tense.
Author's Note: Thanks to Charlotte The Beta Goddess, [ profile] lil_chanteuse

Young and in love in the forest... )
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Pimpage alert! I have one Much/Eve drabble, I Made A Vow To Carry You Home, over at [ profile] treatmuchright. Comments & concrit welcome, as ever!


Jan. 6th, 2008 12:11 am
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One ficlet, written for the fiacthon over at [ profile] treatmuchright. The first half was beta'd by the luffly [ profile] lil_chanteuse. The second half... wasn't. This will be fairly obvious, because there is rambling and it is poo.

The Knot
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Incoherence within, folks. And spoilers. Big ones.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Crack & Angst within... )
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Huge, continent-sized apologies and regrets for the belated nature of this picspam. I just wanted to keep him for myself, basically.

Presenting, Part Two of THE WILL!SPAM! Featuring S1 eps 7-13 )

Quick question: Allan!spam or Much!spam?
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And this is how obsession manifests in people who don't get enough sleep and watch too much Robin Hood.

Presenting, Part One of THE WILL!SPAM! Featuring S1 eps 1-6 )
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Obsessive, moi? Anyway, this is a picspam of the featurette "Hood Academy", on the Robin Hood S1 DVD. It has pretty boys getting sweaty. And stuff.

Click for archery!porn! )
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So, after the COMPLETE JAMBOREE OF AWESOME that was "Angel of Death", I was hoping against hope that Robin Hood would continue in its brilliance. And it really, really did. Rambling and spoilers lie ahead, so be on your guard.

2x05: Ducking and Diving )


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