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Stolen from lovestories/[personal profile] echoes, because HOMG I hoard fanvids like a dragon hoards shiny things. IT IS RIDICULOUS.

Pick your five ten fifteen all-time favourite fanvids, the ones which made you laugh or cry or kicked you in the guts, that inspired you to offer the vidder internets and first born sons, and tell us why you loved them. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre - the only requirement is they stood out from the crowd. Also, links or it didn't happen.

15. American Baby by sockkpuppett. Friday Night Lights. Season One.

Ohh, this show. Ohh, this vid. And entire season of heartbreak and jubilation compressed beautifully into less than four minutes, and all these characters tangled up together. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

14. Unnatural Selection by charmax. Battlestar Galactica & Terminator: SCC. That body was made to look like a person. We were made in God's image.

THERE IS SO MUCH ABOUT THIS VID THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. Sexy sexy mashup (Pixies vs Pussycat Dolls!)! Inspired by the 150th birthday of Darwin's The Origin of Species! AWESOME FUCKING ROBOTS AND THE END OF THE WORLD!!! And it's so clever, because it starts off all WHOO YEAH EXPLOSIONS AND APOCALYPSE and it ends up in a place where it's questioning what makes someone human, and it just gets grittier and nastier and creepier and MORE FANTASTIC as it goes on. RIGHTEOUS.

13. The Epic Love Story of Sam & Dean by proofpudding. Supernatural. Glorious schmoopy Wincest.

I showed this vid to my housemate, who knew nothing about the show or the characters, and she got choked up and made me copy it to her computer. The whole thing just makes me want to clutch the boys to my chest and wail "Ohh, Winchesterrrrrs!" in a fairly anguished and embarrassing manner. Anyway, I can't really talk about SPN fanvids without getting all revved up over Women's Work by sisabet and sockpuppett. SPN has some severely dodgy issues regarding the treatment of women, and this vid holds a mirror up to that, with the help of Courtney Love getting shouty. AWESOME.

12. Intergalactic Friends by bananapyjamas. Smallville. "Just remember me when." Clark & Lex.

I haven't watched Smallville for years, but this is just fucking fantastic. THERE ARE COMIC BOOK PANELS THAT MOOOOVE. And it's another mashup! MASHUPS ARE MY KRYPTONITE, GUYS. Ach, watching these two break up repeatedly is so sad. AND AWESOME.

11. Between the Bars by kiki_miserychic. Merlin. The images stuck in his head.

OH LORD, I could quite easily have filled this whole list with Merlin vids. Anyway. One of the many fantastic things about Merlin is the whole regeneration! past lives! future lives! thing (ONCE AND FUTURE KING ♥), and it's an idea that lends itself to vidding with gorgeous results. SUCH AS THIS ONE. Beautiful, beautiful Eliott Smith cover to start with - ALREADY I AM MELTING. The blending of source material is seamless, the effects are gorgeous, and the end result makes me meep and also feel bad that Colin Morgan has to turn into Sam Neill at some point. While we're on the subject of AU Merlin vids, I also really like Brothers on a Hotel Bed by derryere. It has clips from Son of Rambow, guys. TINY WEE ARTHUR AND MERLIN WITH TIES ROUND THEIR HEADS. Also there is sexing! The imeem embed seems to be dodgy, though, so here's the Mediafire link.

10. Tear You Apart by bradcpu. Firefly & Serenity. It feels so right. Simon/Kaylee.


9. Defying Gravity by YFish42. Firefly & Serenity. Awesome women are awesome.

This might not be the most technically brilliant vid on the list, but everytime I see River sprinting down the corridor in time with the crescendo at 1:37, I tear up.

8. Colorblind by lovestories/[personal profile] echoes. Skins. I am colorblind, coffee black and egg white. Effy Stonem.

Ach, I love this vid something silly. THE GLORIOUS EFFY STONEM, in all her grubby splendour, and all the different ways she falls apart and glues herself back together. The last two shots are possibly my favourite ending for a vid ever. ALSO, while we're talking about Vickie and vidding, I could not possibly ignore As The Day Is Fading. CAMELOT OT4! MERLIN/WILL! MORGANA AS SLASH-ENABLER! LOSS OF VIRGINITY! ♥

7. Exit Music For A Witch by heyiya and Life In A Glass House by hollywoodgrrl. Merlin. Morgana & Nimueh.

Much as I love and adore Merlin, the show does need to up its game with regards to the female characters. In the meantime, fandom redresses the balance! Potentially evil sorceresses + Radiohead = SEXY AWESOME TIMES. I've watched both of these so many times that I'll probably have to apologise to the vidders for shamelessly using them as inspiration for my Big Bang fic :/

6. Set The Fire To The Third Bar by sol_se. Torchwood. Jack/Ianto. Ianto POV.

Ohh, god, this vid. It's been over two years since the first time I saw it, and it still makes me well up. IANTO JONES, SHUT UP WITH YOUR FACE, YOU GORGEOUS WOOBIE ♥ The first fanvid that really made an impact on me.

5. Love Turns 40 by jarrow. Closer She's holding a secret that she'll never tell...

This is such an exquisitely crafted vid, man alive. It just builds and builds; I can barely believe the amount of emotional momentum, tension and pain that can be generated by a sequence of people turning their heads. Phenomenal.

4. In Exchange For Your Tomorrows by lim. Harry Potter Snape.

THE UMBRELLA. I CANNOT EVEN. The only word to describe it is 'gutwrenching'.

3. Red by obsessive24. Merlin. You burn too bright. Arthur, Arthur/Merlin.

OHH THIS VID. I'm a Merlin girl more than I am giddy over Arthur, but certain variants of fanon!Arthur turn me to jelly and this is one of them. TRAGIC DESTINY! NOBLE SELF-SACRIFICE! DADDY ISSUES! And over it all Guy Garvey is crooning about how Arthur burns too bright and is a tragedy starting to happen! MY HEART, IT CANNOT COPE WITH THIS. Also, I fucking love Elbow. It's a jolly good thing Merlin's there to save him from everything ♥ I have had to limit myself, otherwise this list would contain considerably more obsessive24, but I have to sneak in this remarkable Guinevere vid: Effigy. OH GWEN ♥

2. Handlebars by flummery. Doctor Who. I'm the Doctor. Look me up. Ten.

EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS VID, AND RIGHTLY SO. In summation: Ten is fucking scary, and this show is fucking awesome.

1. Slow Down Gandhi by obsessive24. Battlestar Galactica. The truth keeps callin' me, and I'ma live to tell the story. SPOILERS THROUGH S4.

OH MY DAYS. This particular S4 arc broke my heart, and this vid goes some way to explaining what happened, and why people were angry at the administration, and about issues that have been festering in the fleet for a long, long time. It's about power, and it's awesome and it's terrifying and SO EFFING HARDCORE.

Feel free to spam the comments with your recs!
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