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Stolen from lovestories/[personal profile] echoes, because HOMG I hoard fanvids like a dragon hoards shiny things. IT IS RIDICULOUS.

Pick your five ten fifteen all-time favourite fanvids, the ones which made you laugh or cry or kicked you in the guts, that inspired you to offer the vidder internets and first born sons, and tell us why you loved them. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre - the only requirement is they stood out from the crowd. Also, links or it didn't happen.
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Feel free to spam the comments with your recs!
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Flying post, the sole purpose of which is to REC THE SHIT OUT OF The Last Time We Ever Met, a Tess of the D'Urbervilles fanvid by [ profile] iconzicons. TO "IN THE AIR TONIGHT" BY PHIL COLLINS. YEAH. It's fucking awesome.
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Skins 3.10: Finale )

And on that note, VID REC! [ profile] lovestories has worked her magic again, and gone digging around the crazy messed-up head of Effy. Colorblind. IT IS A THING OF GREAT BEAUTY; all intimacy and distance and sexy young things.

While we're on the subject of vidding, the Return of Hood last night had me craving some fandom circa late 2007, so I tracked down, among other things, [ profile] yorkshirewench's stuff. SPECIFICALLY, BOYFRIENDS 2.0. Ohhh, Allan/Will, I miss you so! iMeem is being ridiculously difficult today, so who knows if you'll be able to see this, but: How to be Dead. And, BECAUSE I CAN, I'm embedding the gorgeous, gorgeous vid that encapsulates the best parts of the episode that made me fall utterly in love with this ridiculous show.

robin_requiem - yorkshirewench

And look! Sam Troughton continues to be roughly seventeen thousand kinds of adorable!

Also, [ profile] frak_spoilers is shutting down. WOE. Go and revel in the BSG-shaped crack ♥


How are you? ♥
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Uggggh, I feel so disgusting. I'm getting some sort of wanky flu thing, and I can't skive uni because it's the last week of term (2 CONTACT HOURS LEFT EVER IN MY LIFE, WHAT WHAT), and I basically just spent the whole weekend in bed with Lemsip and Merlin. Good old Merlin and its charmingly ridiculous and beautiful cast. Good old video diaries. Good old commentaries. Yay Colin's cheekbones, etc. My eyes are killing me, though; I think when I'm home for Easter Week I'll see if I can wangle a visit to Specsavers or whatever, just to make sure there's nothing really wrong.

Skins 3.08: Effy )
Thoughts on the first 2 eps of Dollhouse )
BSG 4.19: Daybreak Part 1 )

Vid rec! It seems I am forever doomed to just rec everything [ profile] obsessive24 does, but it's awesome stuff, so whatever. Slow Down Gandhi is a BSG vid (spoilers through 4.14) that focuses on the opposition to the Adama/Roslin Axis of Hardcore administration, and it tackles both the problems of the administration and the problems of the opposition. IT IS SO HARDCORE AND MAGNIFICENT AND IT GIVES ME FEELINGS OF RIGHTEOUS ANGER. Anyway. Also, if you haven't already you should watch her Love Lockdown, which is Gina/Cain. Yay femmeslash!

You guys, even with the extension until Wednesday, this SICKNESS has knocked me out so much that there's basically no way I'm going to have my [ profile] reel_merlin finished on time. FAIL, SELF. I definitely am going to have to finish it, though, because a) I'm really having fun writing it, and b) [ profile] lovestories already did the art, and it is so awesome that nobody should be denied it. So. Head down power through.

I, um, may also have downloaded the first episode of Stargate: Atlantis. Yeah.

How are you? ♥
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BSG 4.18: Islanded in a Stream of Stars )
Frost/Nixon )
Watchmen )
Milk )

Also, Scott Grimes (MALARKEY!) is Ridley Scott's Will Scarlett! I AM JOYFUL.

Also also, I stumbled across this vid via recs and I want to make everyone in the world watch it because it is THAT GOOD. It's Vienna Teng, and it's Closer, which is a film I love and adore for how fucked-up everyone is, and how awesome Larry and Alice are and how pathetic Dan and Anna are. OH OH OH. And the use of "The Blower's Daughter", but that isn't relevant to THIS VID THAT YOU NEED TO WATCH.

How are you? ♥
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Red Riding: 1974 )

In other news, despite still not having seen any of the actual show, I've been inhaling SGA podfic (the one with all the knitting! The one where they're a Jedi and a Sith!) AND IT IS GLORIOUS.

Meanwhile, a Merlin rec: The Ink Still Drying, by [ profile] lasiterfics. CAMELOT OT4, YOU GUYS, it's so so lovely. It's heavy on the Merlin/Morgana (\o/) and nobody goes evil and everyone's so nobly in love with each other that it hurrrrts. OH SHOW.

And a Morgana vid (THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH): [ profile] danegen's Half Sick of Shadows, to PJ Harvey's "When Under Ether". PJ Harvey, it is perfection.

RIGHT, BACK TO [ profile] reel_merlin. How are you? ♥
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BSG 4.17: Someone to Watch Over Me )

Being Human was utterly fantastic; I'm so pleased with how the series turned out. JOHNNY CASH, oh my days (although I can no longer hear that song without whimpering over the GK finale, but whatever).

+ First up, [ profile] lovestories made a Merlin vid, and I've watched it at least eight times in the past day and a half. Full disclosure: I acted as a weirdly enthusiastic cheerleader, in that she said "Should I vid this song?" and I went "HOMG YES! PUT IN THE BIT WITH THE FOOT IN THE FACE!" Anyway, her summary:
This vid is an exercise in Taking Songs Literally, if anything. "White Houses" is a beautiful song about losing your virginity, but one day it came up on shuffle, and my brain went, 'Gee, this sounds SOMEWHAT FAMILIAR,' and the concept for this fanvid was born. It's about love, it's about magic (and its consequences), it's even a little bit about the downfall of Camelot
It's Arthur/Merlin and Arthur/Merlin/Morgana and the Camelot OT4 and Gwen/Lancelot and there's a gorgeous bit of Merlin/Will that broke my heart. GO SEE.

+ I REALLY LOVE MARTHA JONES, LIKE, A LOT. This vid by [ profile] such_heights is kind of Ten/Martha, but mainly it's about how fabulous and strong and hopeful Martha is. It's completely gorgeous.

Aaaand [ profile] syllic wrote a crazy Merlin fusion with THE BABYSITTERS CLUB. Truly, it is a thing of beauty.

Finally, Colin Morgan is adorable. Stretch Armstrong!

How are you? ♥
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Man, I should really be asleep, but whatever! THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT.

You guys, it's a really really amazing Gwen vid by [ profile] obsessive24 (creator of that one really really amazing Arthur vid that broke my heart), and it's fucking beautiful. OHH LEGENDS, WHY SO ANGSTY?

It's to Natalie Merchant's Effigy, which, yeah. Basically it makes me go "Guineverrrrrre" in an anguished Arthurian manner.


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