Mar. 24th, 2009

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DUDE. 500 feels like a significant number, one that deserves something more important than the dross I'm about to spew out all over you. OH WELL.

Ohh, flist, I love you so! From the glorious [ profile] templa_otmena, my housemate, wifey, partner in crime and procrastination, who whispered in my ear of these things called 'userpics' and pointed me in the direction of [ profile] bbccostumedrama, to everyone who took pity on me in the early days when I had no clue what I was doing (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, O MERCIFUL ONES), and everyone else right through to today. Thank you for the flail, and the honesty, and the crazy excessive fandom love. ♥ OH YOU KIDS. GROUP HUGS ALL ROUND.

ANYWAY. My [ profile] inrevelations gift for [ profile] anythingbutgrey is up: nothing proved can be (in which there are windows, and Elizabeth I is fierce)

Also, BAFTA nominations are out! Yay for Ben Whishaw, The Devil's Whore, Outnumbered, Mad Men, Einstein and Eddington, THE OLYMPICS OMG, and other good tellystuffs.

Also also, because I forgot to mention it before and it amused me, I somehow came, like, fifth, in the March Madness Fandom Office Pool? RIGHTEOUS.

How are you? ♥


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