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TOBY STEPHENS: SAVIOUR OF THE BBC? Well, not quite, but the ginger one has pretty much single-handedly revitalised Robin Hood through sheer ridiculousness and also SEXY SEXY ACTING AND COMING ONTO TO PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE. That's the way we like it, sir.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. Prince John/Gisborne is gut-bustingly hilarious. DRAGGING HIM OUT OF HIS BED ALL SWEATY. FORCING HIM ON HIS KNEES. "Do you love me?" IT IS ALL AMAZING STUFF. I particularly liked the fact that he locked Guy and the Sheriff into a murder-off for his own entertainment (DEAD SHERIFF WOT! Interesting). HE IS SO MAGNIFICENTLY PETULANT, AND ALSO GINGER ♥

I also liked Isabella much more this week; she is interestingly angular and takes appropriate amounts of delight in cunning schemes and has fabulous dresses and is very good at saying "King John" in beguiling tones. SHE SHOULD STOP KISSING ROBIN, THOUGH. I don't want to see that. HE IS THE WORST WIDOWER EVER. FAIL, BOBBIN, FAIL. I didn't understand why he was all "I trust her with my life" last week, and I still don't really get it, but if you love this show, you must accept the bad writing. And the fact that the lead looks like a potato with a receding hairline.

Masochistic as it may seem, I'm actually rather looking forward to Show kicking up the Much/Kate/Allan love triangle a bit? IDK, it was just vaguely adorable watching them falling all over themselves to get her water and sprinting to her arrow-stricken side. I'm not fancying Much's chances on this one, though; to be fair, it is Allan's chance to win at a love triangle. I'm just biased because of THAT THING WHERE I AM BASICALLY IN LOVE WITH MUCH'S EYES AND EVERYTHING HIS DOES MAKES ME CLUTCH MY CHEST AND 'MEEP'. She probably prefers Bobbin anyway, because the people who write this show are BLIND AND ALSO STUPID.

To conclude: Toby Stephens is magnificent, and, in an ideal world, his Prince John would be delivered as a dramatic monologue, thus removing the need for Bobbin at all. Also Gisborne is a loser and that is the way I love him. NEVER CHANGE, O GREASY ONE. And never stop flicking your hair about!
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