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Okay, as dealt with in previous posts, I have ISSUES about the Australian actor Philip Quast. And his voice. And his hands. Yesterday, something veryveryvery exciting happened. Emma and I got tickets to see him perform as the guest soloist with the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican.

This is the programme:
Vaughan Williams Toward the Unknown Region
Vaughan Williams Symphony No 6 in E minor
Dominic Muldowney Tsunami (world premiere)
Ives General William Booth Enters Into Heaven
Holst Hymn of Jesus

As if The Man With The Hands wasn't enough to melt me, VAUGHAN WILLIAMS? AND HOLST? Not only that... Toward the Unknown Region is a choral working of a fucking WALT WHITMAN poem! Whitman! The sexiest poet ever! I think God loves me at the moment.

True, the concert isn't until May 2008, but it's still worth being excited about.

BREAKING NEWS: Samuel West, Dervla Kirwan and TOBY STEPHENS are going to be doing Harold Pinter's Betrayal at the Donmar Warehouse this summer. Tickets aren't on general release until 16th April, but Emma's parents are Friends Of The Donmar!!!! We're getting them today!!!!! Ach. So much joy.

Also, it's something of a Cambridge Spies reunion (if you haven't seen it, see it ASAP). Sam and Toby, obviously, but Dervla Kirwan is with Rupert Penry-Jones. Tom Hollander must feel a wee bit left out...
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Okay, so yesterday might possibly have been one of the greatest days of my life. This is rather sad really, because yesterday I went to London and saw two musicals.

Les Miserables: They're French and revolutionary and stuff )

Then, after a quick break for sustenance, it was off to the Adelphi for Evita.

Evita: Real men do the tango )

After much deliberation, we decided not to hit the stage door because a) nobody else was lurking there and b) we would actually look like whores. So, armed only with a bottle of Blossom Hill White Zinfandel, we headed back to the hotel to make our own fun.

After many shenanigans with a corkscrew (thank you, receptionist!), wine was consumed and our own fun was duly made. This was done mainly through the medium of photography, aided by homemade signs. Some choice excerpts:
"Jon from S Club 7 cries angels' tears"
"The REAL Javert fondles his microphone"
"I'd get it on with Juan Peron"
"Real men are NOT Belgium"
This was actually a tipsy misprint by Emma, who then sheepishly had to add a tiny 'from'...

The night also promted some gems of quotes...
Me: *to the television* Are you turned on?
Emma: Who, me?

Emma: My paedophile face just looks like my normal face!

Emma: *wistfully* Maybe I imagined the skipping like I imagined the parade...
Her reasoning behind the lack of skipping in the production of Les Mis

Naturally, all the excitement led me to make some irrational merchandise purchases. I am now the proud owner of two pin badges I will never ever wear.
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Sophie is a retard because she persists on spending money she hasn't got on frivolous things like seeing West End shows.

Okay, so the prospect of seeing Les Mis was exciting enough on its own, until Emma ran squawking into my room yesterday and told me that Philip Quast was currently playing Juan Peron in Evita. That would be the same Philip Quast who was the sexiest Javert of all time. The man with the hands.

Cut for evidence )

Yes, I know he's old enough to be my father. No, I don't care. The hands, dammit!

Anyway, we decided that since we were seeing the matinee of Les Mis, it made perfect sense to see the 7.30 showing of Evita on the same day. I am now very very poor indeed.

Another reason for me to be very excited indeed:
“Philip Quast’s full-voiced, mightily powerful Peron”
Oh my.


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