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THIS is the Robin Hood I know and love! I mean, there was no Guy-and-his-hair, but still! There was crack (AHAHAHA, the Sheriff kissing the corpse!hand! Allan in monkish robes! WITH TWO AWESOME SWORDS!), there were gang!shenanigans (Allan & Much! MUCH FAILING AT ANYTHING TO DO WITH WOMEN AND BEING GENERALLY ADORABLE!), Tuck was as fantastic as we have been led to expect from him, John's hair was fab, Kate was fine, and, MOST SHOCKINGLY, Robin wasn't a gigantic douche!

I am so happy to have my warm RH feelings restored! Meanwhile, TOBY IN THREE EPS UNF UNF UNF. Ahem. To restate the important points for those of you who weren't paying attention: GOD, I REALLY REALLY LOVE MUCH. Sam Troughton's eyes give me warm tummy feelings, and meep! he is so adorable with his Bible story excitement (HE BREAKS MY HEART BECAUSE REMEMBER HOW HE CAN'T REEEEEAD) and Kate COULD DO A LOT WORSE, OKAY, I AM JUST SAYING I WOULD NOT BE SO HASTY TO TURN UP MY NOSE AT SOME MUCH-LOVING. Also, TUCK IS, LIKE, NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM LEVELS OF BAMF.

What do we think of the attempts to incorporate Proper History and/or Issues, chickadees?

Also, the universe clearly loves me and wants me to be happy, because the-channel-formerly-known-as-UKTV History (now Yesterday!) showed alllll of the 2006 Jane Eyre this afternoon! SEX ON MY TELLYBOX AND ALL OVER MY PANTS. Ohhh, I have missed that miniseries. TOBY! RUTH! RUPERT THE BEAR-INSPIRED RIDING GET-UPS! THROATPORN! SLANNEN THE ELF! TOBY! RUTH! KISSING IN THE RAIN! HAIR EXTENSIONS! BOOTPORN! TOBY! RUTH!

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