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OH SHITTING HELL. My massive review post just deleted itself. *WOE*

ANYWAY, *pointed look at LiveJournal* yesterday was HARRYTIME, AKA Another Theatre Pigrimage Of Doom... Harry Lloyd in The Sea, people. Good times.
Crashing Waves, Long Coats & Very Big Hands )
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We didn't get lost once! We didn't take the wrong tube at any time, we found the hotel easy peasy and we strode about in a brash and confident manner. Although, Emma's involvement in matters of navigation must forever be restricted to printing off maps from the internet.

It was fantabulous to see Kathryn again, even though we still have to wait like a month before uni starts again. Ach, we really are worryingly co-dependent. At least she's coming Oop North at some point to live amongst The Folk... Be afraid, Kathryn. It be not safe... There's loads of 'fucking mountains'...

So, we wasted an entire hour sitting down in Starbucks generally chitchatting and caffeinating ourselves. It was at this point that we attempted to convince Kathrn of the glory of TMWTH, but she was having none of it. Then we went back to the Adelphi to take more photos of ourselves by the big picture of TMWTH, but we got embarrassed and ran away again. And then we ponced around Covent Garden for a bit.

And now, for the sad tale of one of The Great Missed Opportunities Of My Young Life. We stumbled across the Donmar, and there were still tickets for the matinee of the Ibsen play that's running. The Ibsen play featuring Ian McDiarmuid (The Bloody Emperor!) and Rafe Spall, who is just luscious. I was fiendishly excited and generally all 'Let's get a later train! Woohoo!', but Emma, for the first time in her life, made a wise decision and said she couldn't stay that long because we'd get back Oop North too late and her parientes would beat her to death with twigs. Which is fair enough. Except, when she got home, her mother told her she should have gone! Oh, the unpredictable nature of tyranny! Our time will come, Rafe.

So, we ended up in the British Museum, which is all kinds of awesome, as ever. I decided to see how much A-Level Classical Civilisations I had retained in my head, and thus headed for the Elgin Marbles, which were all kind of awesome, as ever. Every time I go, I always spend the longest looking at the Iris from the pediment. That's some fucking good drapery right there. Also, it made me miss The Claytonater and her crazy museum-based tshirts. Anyway, I decided that since every time I've ever doe TBM, I've done the Egypt rooms, it was time to branch out. So, I headed upstairs to Korea and Japan. Interesting fact: In the Far East, the peach is an erotic symbol. And I saw a hardcore samurai suit.

And we made it back to Euston without getting lost!
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Okay, so yesterday might possibly have been one of the greatest days of my life. This is rather sad really, because yesterday I went to London and saw two musicals.

Les Miserables: They're French and revolutionary and stuff )

Then, after a quick break for sustenance, it was off to the Adelphi for Evita.

Evita: Real men do the tango )

After much deliberation, we decided not to hit the stage door because a) nobody else was lurking there and b) we would actually look like whores. So, armed only with a bottle of Blossom Hill White Zinfandel, we headed back to the hotel to make our own fun.

After many shenanigans with a corkscrew (thank you, receptionist!), wine was consumed and our own fun was duly made. This was done mainly through the medium of photography, aided by homemade signs. Some choice excerpts:
"Jon from S Club 7 cries angels' tears"
"The REAL Javert fondles his microphone"
"I'd get it on with Juan Peron"
"Real men are NOT Belgium"
This was actually a tipsy misprint by Emma, who then sheepishly had to add a tiny 'from'...

The night also promted some gems of quotes...
Me: *to the television* Are you turned on?
Emma: Who, me?

Emma: My paedophile face just looks like my normal face!

Emma: *wistfully* Maybe I imagined the skipping like I imagined the parade...
Her reasoning behind the lack of skipping in the production of Les Mis

Naturally, all the excitement led me to make some irrational merchandise purchases. I am now the proud owner of two pin badges I will never ever wear.
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1. Bloc Party, and London in general

This was absolutely fucking beautiful. It was on at the London Astoria, possibly the sweatiest venue I've ever been to. It's a wee bit smaller than the Apollo in Manchester, where most of my prior gigging experience has taken place (except Razorlight. I've blocked that one out), but it's really intimate, which meant I could see their pretty faces all the better. Insert smutty laugh right HERE. Kele was godlike, as always. That man has the most heartbreaking voice, I love the way he can alternate between yelping frantically and sounding like he's about to cry. Sweaty Matt rocked the drums in the face. Side note: Emma thought he was a literal drum machine for about a year.And oh my sweet lord god, the setlist. As predicted, everything went apeshit for Banquet and Helicopter, This Modern Love was a bit faster than usual, and especially awesome, and they closed with The Pioneers! Plus the new tracks rocked my cock. *le sigh*
Plus, I got to see my bestest slutty homegirl, and have a crazy Port night out, London style. 44 hours without sleep, I think that's a personal record.

2. Pilgrimage to Geordieland for Hot Fuzz signage

Simon Pegg will be mine, dammit! Plus, it's on my day off. And I get to see my Faye. And touch Simon Pegg. Who is looking really rather toned at the moment. I wish he still had Bisley hair... I miss Spaced. You can't drink a pint of Bovril.

3. Valentines Day Pilgrimage Of Love To The Tennant

We got tickets to the Recovery screening! Where he might be at the Q&A! With a beard! Actually, scratch that, he's filming Who again. Clean shaven! All kinds of things are happening in my pants right now. Hopefully The Crotchtographer, aka [ profile] rose_greenthumb will be on hand to capture the moment, Barrowman style.

4. Heroes

Seriously, this show is taking over my life. In the best possible way. Much love to [ profile] darkangsty42 for doing the decent thing and opening my eyes to this godly creation. What is not to love? We have The Eccleston, with a beard (Eep!). We have very pretty boys with emo 'bangs' which hang in their faces oh-so-attractively. Seriously, look at the icon. We have invincible cheerleaders. We have adorable Japanese geeks. We have actual, serious intrigue and, like, good plots. And stuff. I'm not just watching for the pretty, oh no. Have I mentioned the pretty? Gah.
Also, LJ really does not help the obsession (I of course mean healthy, balanced love)with its icony goodness, and the overwhelming availability of slash. One word: BroYay.

Also, this Kele interview is pretty good. Mucho insight, angst etc.,,1982746,00.html


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