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... For Your Consideration. I've stumbled upon a few artists recently who disarmed me with their awesome. So here are some picture.

Audrey Kawasaki
Pictures! )

Kurt Halsey
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I am definitely getting a paid account some time in the next month *party poppers*, so I am obviously already thinking about all the icons I am going to fill up all that lovely space with. Here's a few I like. Thoughts?

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Feeling slightly ambivalent about heading back to Yorkland on Sunday, really. On one hand, everyone has abandoned The Port so there's no one to go out with, plus it's, y'know, Southport. On the other, I've got so much reading to do this term, plus the Italian exam which I have to pass or I get kicked out. And considering how close I was to exhaustion (melodramatic, moi?) at the end of last term, I just hope I can keep up the energy and try to do my assignments at a time which is not the night before they're due.

There's been some crazy nights with some of my favourite people this holiday, so I think I've danced and sweated whatever the hell my problem's been these past few months out of the system, touch wood. Unfortunately, I have ZERO funds, so the dancing in public shall have to be put on hold. Pity the population of York that they shall be denied this fine spectacle.

Also, because I shall soon be deprived of Jo's laptop, and thus PSP7, protect your retinas as I present...

Yet more dodgy icons! )

A few reasons why I might have ZERO funds...

1x Friday Night Lights, DVD
1x Monty Python And The Holy Grail, DVD
1x Little Miss Sunshine, DVD
1x High Society, DVD
1x United 93, DVD
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... For I come bearing more dodgy icons.

Don't say I didn't warn you... )

Okay, you can look now.

EDIT: I just found out that Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are playing Henry and Clare in the adaptation of The Time Traveller's Wife! This is excellent news! See?
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So, I discovered that my sister has PSP on her laptop. Unfortunately, she's lost the disk.

Behind this cut there be rather some rather appalling Northanger Abbey icons... )


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