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Robin Hood 3.07: Too Hot To Handle )

I've been devouring Naomi Novik's Temeraire series (I am very nearly finished with Victory of Eagles; expect a massively incoherently joyful post) and tinkering about over at [community profile] age_of_sail, and the whole giddy experience culminated in a BURNING DESIRE to submerge myself in Master & Commander. I haven't seen the film for a few years, and I've only read the first book in the series, but I remember loving them both rather a lot. JACK AND STEPHEN, THEY ARE MORE MARRIED THAN ANYONE EVER. And the DVD was on offer in HMV! My planets are aligned and all that jazz. We watched it last night and it was just as fantastic as I remembered, with the added bonus that being a few years older makes Max "grows up to be Octavian!" Pirkis EVEN MORE ADORABLE as Blakeney. It defies the intellect, how adorable this boy is. Look at his little faaaace! Also, yay Bryan Dick!

How are you? ♥
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Robin Hood 3.03: Lost in Translation )

Also, the universe clearly loves me and wants me to be happy, because the-channel-formerly-known-as-UKTV History (now Yesterday!) showed alllll of the 2006 Jane Eyre this afternoon! SEX ON MY TELLYBOX AND ALL OVER MY PANTS. Ohhh, I have missed that miniseries. TOBY! RUTH! RUPERT THE BEAR-INSPIRED RIDING GET-UPS! THROATPORN! SLANNEN THE ELF! TOBY! RUTH! KISSING IN THE RAIN! HAIR EXTENSIONS! BOOTPORN! TOBY! RUTH!



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