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Stolen from lovestories/[personal profile] echoes, because HOMG I hoard fanvids like a dragon hoards shiny things. IT IS RIDICULOUS.

Pick your five ten fifteen all-time favourite fanvids, the ones which made you laugh or cry or kicked you in the guts, that inspired you to offer the vidder internets and first born sons, and tell us why you loved them. Any fandom, any pairing, any genre - the only requirement is they stood out from the crowd. Also, links or it didn't happen.
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Feel free to spam the comments with your recs!
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Skins 3.10: Finale )

And on that note, VID REC! [ profile] lovestories has worked her magic again, and gone digging around the crazy messed-up head of Effy. Colorblind. IT IS A THING OF GREAT BEAUTY; all intimacy and distance and sexy young things.

While we're on the subject of vidding, the Return of Hood last night had me craving some fandom circa late 2007, so I tracked down, among other things, [ profile] yorkshirewench's stuff. SPECIFICALLY, BOYFRIENDS 2.0. Ohhh, Allan/Will, I miss you so! iMeem is being ridiculously difficult today, so who knows if you'll be able to see this, but: How to be Dead. And, BECAUSE I CAN, I'm embedding the gorgeous, gorgeous vid that encapsulates the best parts of the episode that made me fall utterly in love with this ridiculous show.

robin_requiem - yorkshirewench

And look! Sam Troughton continues to be roughly seventeen thousand kinds of adorable!

Also, [ profile] frak_spoilers is shutting down. WOE. Go and revel in the BSG-shaped crack ♥


How are you? ♥
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Uggggh, I feel so disgusting. I'm getting some sort of wanky flu thing, and I can't skive uni because it's the last week of term (2 CONTACT HOURS LEFT EVER IN MY LIFE, WHAT WHAT), and I basically just spent the whole weekend in bed with Lemsip and Merlin. Good old Merlin and its charmingly ridiculous and beautiful cast. Good old video diaries. Good old commentaries. Yay Colin's cheekbones, etc. My eyes are killing me, though; I think when I'm home for Easter Week I'll see if I can wangle a visit to Specsavers or whatever, just to make sure there's nothing really wrong.

Skins 3.08: Effy )
Thoughts on the first 2 eps of Dollhouse )
BSG 4.19: Daybreak Part 1 )

Vid rec! It seems I am forever doomed to just rec everything [ profile] obsessive24 does, but it's awesome stuff, so whatever. Slow Down Gandhi is a BSG vid (spoilers through 4.14) that focuses on the opposition to the Adama/Roslin Axis of Hardcore administration, and it tackles both the problems of the administration and the problems of the opposition. IT IS SO HARDCORE AND MAGNIFICENT AND IT GIVES ME FEELINGS OF RIGHTEOUS ANGER. Anyway. Also, if you haven't already you should watch her Love Lockdown, which is Gina/Cain. Yay femmeslash!

You guys, even with the extension until Wednesday, this SICKNESS has knocked me out so much that there's basically no way I'm going to have my [ profile] reel_merlin finished on time. FAIL, SELF. I definitely am going to have to finish it, though, because a) I'm really having fun writing it, and b) [ profile] lovestories already did the art, and it is so awesome that nobody should be denied it. So. Head down power through.

I, um, may also have downloaded the first episode of Stargate: Atlantis. Yeah.

How are you? ♥
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Skins 3.07: JJ )

I finally got around to watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and there's no point cutting my reaction because it goes like this: MY ALL-TIME NUMBER ONE FOREVER GIRL CRUSH REBECCA HALL, YOU ARE DIVINE. JAVIER BARDEM, YOU ARE HOT LIKE BURNING (the girl only knew him from No Country For Old Men and had to be convinced re: his hotness. JOB DONE). PENELOPE CRUZ, HOW SO FIERCE? SCARLETT JOHANNSON... NICE HAIR. Also, I really badly want to go back to Barcelona.

I'm still ploughing through my Empire Records fic for [ profile] reel_merlin, and it would be great if you guys could fill out this poll so I've got a few extra bits of nineties nostalgia in my arsenal, just for ~flavour~ and shit.

[Poll #1361002]
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IS EVERYONE AWARE OF THIS? Because I saw the promo on C4 today and HELLO EVERYBODY THAT I EVER LOVED, including Sean Bean, Andrew Garfield, Paddy Considine, David Morrissey: Northern Beast, Maxine Peake and MY ALL-TIME NUMBER ONE FOREVER GIRL CRUSH REBECCA HALL.

So, who's up for a tremendously gritty and depressing trilogy about the Yorkshire Ripper (at least I assume it's about the Yorkshire Ripper) by the guy who directed new!Brideshead?

More 5 things posts tomorrow! *runs off to read Walter Ralegh*

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Skins 3.02: Cook & 3.03: Thomas )
I finally got around to scanning that issue of Tatler I bought for MY ALL-TIME NUMBER ONE FOREVER GIRL CRUSH REBECCA HALL! A couple of other pretty randoms made their way into the spam!
Pretty! )
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Skins 3.01: Everyone )

Right, I've got SPN downloaded but I also need to go to town. CONUNDRUM! How are you? ♥
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Since I am sadly separated from my laptop, and thus unable to do any of the mix-y, upload-y stuff I had planned for the end of the year, and since after tomorrow I might not have access to LJ for a while (WOE), I'm flinging this at you now. Basically, since I fail at aesthetically pleasing picspams, it is one big random clusterfuck of a linkspam, because that is how I roll. GOOD TIMES.
2008: How Was It For You? )
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This weekend is shaping up to be... Eventful.

First of all, Emma and I fell headlong in to the depths of Les Mis obsession, and have spent hours watching the DVD, listening to the soundtrack, reading the novel, playing the songs (badly) on Michael... And buying tickets to see the show in Londinium for £50 each. My relationship with my bank balance is very S&M. This awakened obsession has also resulted in many an hour spent cruising LJ for info and choice icons, of which there are many. I also discovered the delectable Aaron Lazar, currently playing Enjolras in the Broadway revival. Here's his homepage; I particularly recommend the Gallery section...

This evening Emma, Louise and myself made a pilgrimage to Vue, our mission being to see Hot Fuzz, starring the delectable Simon Pegg, and featuring many a classy Brit actor. Also, kudos to Rafe Spall for being very hot indeed. I was desperately trying not to get my hopes up, in case it wasn't quite as good as Shaun Of The Dead, but it completely was, so yay! Then , we ventured on to Frankie & Benny's. Needless to say, we ate like the gluttons we are, and now I feel queasy.

This glorious day was rounded off with a trip to Wifey's room to watch Sharpe's Justice. Now, not only did this star Sean 'Sex' Bean, it also featured My TV Boyfriend Philip Glenister! Sigh. He looked rather smashing in velvet, even if the hair was a bit Duran Duran. He was still butch as anything, though. It was like Gene Hunt with principles. And while on the subject...

Cut for psychoanalysis )

And tomorrow, the plan is to dodge the Neighbours Omnibus bullet, crack on with the Italian, then settle in for the first few hours of State Of Play (Simm! Morrisey! McAvoy! Glenister! Nighy!), watch Recovery (Angsty Bearded Tennant!) and then finish off SOP. It shall be magnificent.

Okay, so here comes some rather brazen pimpage. I have this bizarre thing where, when I get into a show, or a band, or whatever, I cannot rest easy until I have converted others to the cause.

They only want me for my Pimp Juice )

Finally, I love [ profile] thedreamygirl for making me this:
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That's practically canon, y'all.


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