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BSG 4.17: Someone to Watch Over Me )

Being Human was utterly fantastic; I'm so pleased with how the series turned out. JOHNNY CASH, oh my days (although I can no longer hear that song without whimpering over the GK finale, but whatever).

+ First up, [ profile] lovestories made a Merlin vid, and I've watched it at least eight times in the past day and a half. Full disclosure: I acted as a weirdly enthusiastic cheerleader, in that she said "Should I vid this song?" and I went "HOMG YES! PUT IN THE BIT WITH THE FOOT IN THE FACE!" Anyway, her summary:
This vid is an exercise in Taking Songs Literally, if anything. "White Houses" is a beautiful song about losing your virginity, but one day it came up on shuffle, and my brain went, 'Gee, this sounds SOMEWHAT FAMILIAR,' and the concept for this fanvid was born. It's about love, it's about magic (and its consequences), it's even a little bit about the downfall of Camelot
It's Arthur/Merlin and Arthur/Merlin/Morgana and the Camelot OT4 and Gwen/Lancelot and there's a gorgeous bit of Merlin/Will that broke my heart. GO SEE.

+ I REALLY LOVE MARTHA JONES, LIKE, A LOT. This vid by [ profile] such_heights is kind of Ten/Martha, but mainly it's about how fabulous and strong and hopeful Martha is. It's completely gorgeous.

Aaaand [ profile] syllic wrote a crazy Merlin fusion with THE BABYSITTERS CLUB. Truly, it is a thing of beauty.

Finally, Colin Morgan is adorable. Stretch Armstrong!

How are you? ♥
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As ever, incoherence ahead!
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor )
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The question is, can anything ever live up to the joy of Guy/Marian/Pudsey?
Merlin! )
+ Man, Boyzone look old.
+ The kid who just one Junior Masterchef is as cute as a button. Also, I WANT SOME CRUMBLE.
+ Also, CHRIS HOY! I have missed his thighs in my life, yes I have.
+ While we're all waiting for Doctor Who (DAVID MORRISSEY PHNAR)... another adorable Merlin/Children in Need promo that I hadn't seen! Also... Cut for being slightly creepy? )
+ Strictly Come Dancing! Tess was lovely, but my favourite thing was seeing Ian Waite and Lisa Snowdon in the audience. I DON'T KNOW WHY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Ooh, now there's more of them. PASO! Ohh, Brian Fortuna, why so fabulous? Also, I am weirdly attracted to James Jordan. I FEAR FOR MY SANITY.
Doctor Who! )

+ Gok Wan is the fiercest thing ever. Close second? GIRLS ALOUD.
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Hey, remember this time last year when I freaked about the cracky awesome that is Robin Hood? This is like that, but with Merlin.
So it begins... )
Now, I need your help! I need recs! I need many different kinds of fanfic, I need vids, and I need picspams! Interviews! Sexy pictures of sexy boys! I KNOW I CAN COUNT ON YOU.

In Conclusion

Oh, and re: the whole Tennant thing - I think I've ranted enough about RTD and the way Ten's character developed for you to guess I'm kind of relieved by the news. I still adore The Tennant, and my issues with the character are not at all to do with him, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an awesome Eleven, and hoping that David continues to do magnificent theatrestuffs and other sexy things.

How are you? ♥
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  • 23:20 slightly freaked out by the alice in wonderland movie. trippy. #
  • 15:41 ohh, rusty. why the martha!hate? #
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Random stream-of-consciousness stuff, because that is what happens when there is New Who.
Little fat people, I know! )
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Unintelligble reaction as it happens, folks!

Voyage Of The Damned )
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It is true. I am a pervy Baines-fancier. That's right. The creepy public school alien guy from "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood". Partly because Harry Lloyd is so very awesome at the whole acting thing, partly because Jeremy Baines is hot in a creepy way. I don't really want to be looking at the psychology of this one...

Nevertheless, here is a picspam, which will serve the purpose of a) proving that Baines is sexy, dammit! and winning over the haters/those who are very very creeped out by the whole Baines-fancying concept and b) proving that Harry Lloyd is really a dirty, dirty flirt who takes special pleasure in inciting lusty fangirls...

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So, I'm back at home (jobhunting), we have a new government and the country is underwater. Plus stuff has been on the telly.

Things Can Only Get Better... )


I Like Telly )

And finally, I'm horribly behind the times but any HP fans need to read [ profile] shoebox_project, because it has eaten my soul. It is like lovely, beautiful crack.

EDIT:Doctor Who Casting Spoilers )
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Okay, Doctor Who finale. Good lord.

So, the usual mess of squee and 'analysis' to follow, basically in the running order of the episode, with reveals and whatnot as my slow brain picks up on them...

Last Of The Timelords )

Ohh, and a Martha-centric montage at the end of Confidential. To Invincible. By Muse. Perfection.


May. 5th, 2007 01:31 pm
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Yup, I still hate my computer. I'm just taking the opportunity to post while I can now (i.e. before it crashes) to say I miss LiveJournal! And I miss you guys.

So, new term. The Romantic Period. One seminar and three lectures in, and I'm really enjoying it. I mean, that period was so fucked up, and so were the people. Byron? The fuck? I love it. And what are writers supposed to do when the government's passing sedition laws left, right and centre? Excited, I am.

Evolution Of The Daleks )

Ooh, I voted! First time ever! I'm totally keeping my polling card.

Also, everybody ever should watch Long Way Round. Basically Ewan McGregor and his best friend Charley Boorman go from London to New York on motorcycles via Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia and I love them. Really. I cannot stress this enough. Watch it. If only for the scenery.

Okay, I'll quit while I'm ahead and attempt to watch Heroes. Wish me luck!
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I take back anything bad I may have said about this episode before I saw it.

Evolve! Evolve! )


Apr. 14th, 2007 09:04 pm
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That was a bit good, wasn't it?

'He's completely insane!' 'That, and a bit magnificent.' )
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This might actually be one of my favourite eps ever. Me and Rusty are still cool.

The Doctor: Pissing off monarchs since time began )

Also, because I love you, look at this:,,1867169,00.html
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Because of the whole Wicked fandango, I missed Doctor Who on Saturday. In addition to, you know, missing it, I've had to wander around LJ with my eyes squeezed closed and my fingers jammed firmly in my ears, going "la la la" rather loudly. Thankfully, after an agonising day, I caught the BBC Three repeat. That plus Persuasion equals one good night of telly.

Now I've met Miss Jones, and we'll keep on meeting until she dies/ is written out )

You pierce my soul )

Also, I am veryveryvery excited about David Morrissey playing Colonel Brandon. And it's my mum's birthday!


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