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This post is mainly aimed at [ profile] moogle62 and [ profile] _faeriequeen, primarily because they're the only people that I know have read Mark Gatiss' Lucifer Box novels, but if anyone else has, DO FEEL FREE to flail in the comments, because OH MY CRIKEY IT IS SO WONDERFUL.
The Vesuvius Club )
In other news, I'm totally seeing Jamie Parker in As You Like It and MY ALL-TIME NUMBER ONE FOREVER GIRL CRUSH REBECCA HALL in The Winter's Tale. I love my student loan.

How are you? ♥
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So you know how I have all this borderline-obsessive adoration for the Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow? MULTIPY THAT BY ROUGHLY A BILLION, because I'm reading his autobiography. OH MY DAYYYYS. He went to uni in Liverpool and got kicked out for staging a sit-in! He did his VSO bit in Uganda! He met the Pope! I'm going to have such an epic reading list after I'm finished with this, because I know SO EFFING LITTLE about all the conflicts he mentions. IGNORANT SOPHIE IS IGNORANT. But yes! LOVE THAT MAN. Also he was friends with Decca, my favourite Mitford, so.

Bookwise, I'm also massively enjoying Summerland by Michael Chabon. I love Chabon anyway (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay is in my Top 10, no question), but this book! It makes me want to have kids JUST SO I WOULD BE ABLE TO READ IT TO THEM. There's a werefox! I JUST LOVE BOOKS AN AWFUL LOT. I also enjoy cheap thrills, so I'm devouring all the Jennifer Crusie I can get my hands on. You guys, I'm going to be so sad when my degree is over and I won't legitimately be able to fill my days with delightful romantic fiction and eat chocolate in the bath!

Not much to say about Robin Hood, other than that, once again, I rather liked it! Tuck continues to AWESOME about all over the place; Allan got lots of lines (nose!) and was delightful; Much continues to break my heart; Edmund was, randomly, Charlie from Spooks: Code 9! I wanted him to stayyyy - The Gang needs a pretty young thing now we are sadly sans Will.

GIP! Ohh, Olivia "Goddess" Williams, you are so very lovely.

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Well, then )

Also, because I have been playing it with the divine [ profile] darkangsty42, SHAG, MARRY, PUSH OFF A CLIFF! Give me three characters in the comments, and I'll do the same, AND THE FUN WILL NEVER EVER END.

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94 books; 107 films; 20 plays

Ladies FTW

Jul. 23rd, 2008 12:27 pm
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In honour of the whole WOMEN ARE FABULOUS shindig at [ profile] anythingbutgrey's journal, have some fierceness.



Next up, music post! And if you can, contribute to the meme. It is kicking all sorts of internet arse. ♥
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I'm back! And I think I have an internet problem, because I missed LJ more than is probably healthy. But yay! for lovely lovely York.

So, my madre drove me up on Wednesday to deposit some stuff at New House, and I actually love it. I didn't have clothes or anything to unpack, so we went to Pizza Express for lunch (goats cheese! Love it) before she toodled off. I didn't have anything to unpack, so I spent a few hours sticking stuff on my walls. It looks badass, so I shall try and get photos up in a few days. Then, Cindy and I went exploring our new patch of turf, and I found 2 Buffy video boxsets that I needed for £2.50 each in a charity shop! Back of the net! And we have a fit fruit shop, and a Sainsburys! And the park at the back. I heart New House. And then we had wine and watched Cry Baby. Good stuff.

The Penelopiad, or, Meh )

Friday was spent sleeping in, and then job-hunting. It went pretty well, got lots of application forms and places to drop my CV. I think I'm going to have to head back to York on Tuesday or Wednesday, which is both nice and a pain. Holy indecision, Batman! Then, Atonement!

In which Sophie talks about the book and SPOILERS and the wonder that is James McAvoy )

Train back, today. I love long train journeys by myself. I decided to read Cat's Eye, to remind myself that Margaret Atwood is awesome, even if she can't adapt her own work into plays. Fucking love that book. It's scarily accurate, and I love stuff about memory and the past and how fucked up people make each other.

I bought David Thewlis' novel! I'm going to start reading it tonight! Listen to this radio interview! He does impressions of Gary Oldman! He is awesome!
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I got the book at midnight. I finished at at 4:30, listening to the OotP soundtrack on repeat all the way ("Possession"...*sob*). I cried until after 5. I reread the last 150 pages. I slept at 7. And I am eternally grateful to [ profile] darkangsty42 for her magnificent read-all-the-books-in-a-week idea.

A great big disgusting, teary mess full of AWESOME, or, In Which Sophie Proclaims Her Mad Crazy Love For JK Rowling. )

Well, that's it then. My childhood is officially over. Tissue, anyone?
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Last night was the first proper night out with the majority of my Port-based lovelies all holiday, and it was most likely the last, since half of them are going back to uni at the weekend. Good thing it was fucking hardcore, then.

In which Sophie and her bitches party like it's 1999 )

Big Atonement trailer! Watch it here!

Memey goodness, stolen from [ profile] whywastewords and [ profile] aliasness

I like books )

And finally: The cast list for S&S07!
David Morissey isn't on there, but he has been confirmed as Colonel Brandon by the BBC! Dominic Cooper was great in The History Boys, and I think he'll be a suitably charismatic Willoughby. Dan Stevens was the lead in The Line Of Beauty, so I'll love him forever. Excited now!

Oh, and I bought Northanger Abbey on DVD!

EDIT: I found this and it made me happy.

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For the title to have maximum impact, you really have to shout it in a Mel Gibson kinda way. Totally implausible when the man's just had his innards ripped out, but then historical accuracy is hardly Braveheart's main concern... Stirling BRIDGE, man. The Battle of Stirling BRIDGE.

Anyway, I've been AWOL the past few days, mainly because of The Essay From Hell. It was a bit of a slog, mainly because I knew I wanted to write about sight in Whitman, and I had points to make, but I didn't have an argument as such. And it was due in at 10.45 in the morning. And I hadn't finished Portrait Of A Lady. Thankfully, at around 3.30 in the morning (yes, another all-nighter) I hit upon The Insanely Creepy Eyeball Metaphor Of Doom, so I got finished. It was actually the longest thing I've ever written, which is really quite pitiful. But me and my gay boyfriend are still cool.

The point is, no more essays until next term! Which means I basically have this week to sleep, eat, go out, read two short stories and generally relax. *sigh of deep, deep relief*

Aside from the inevitable essay crisis, the week's been pretty damn good. Both my lecturers this week were the awesome ones; the one who looks like Dr House, and the magnificently feminist James-obsessed lovely woman I had last term. Yay. I actually get realism now! And Ireland is stalking me again. Firstly, via the IRA episode of Life On Mars (AKA, In Which My TV Boyfriend Is Horrendously Xenophobic, Yet I Continue To Love Him Anyway), and then via the talk I went to yesterday about Brian Friel's play Translations.

Cut for a literature student geek-out )

It sounds really lame and geeky, but experiences like that talk, and seeing Mad Forest on Saturday, are a big part of the reason why I wanted to come to a university as good as York, and I'm glad that I'm starting to make the most of it. My dad always told me that it'd be at university where I'd find out the stuff I was interested in, and discover writers that I'd fall in love with (Whitman! sigh) and basically become the person I'll be for the rest of my life. On the subject of my dad, I think he's noticed how completely into my course I am. Since he came up the other week, and we had our big literary discussion, we've had a few more on the phone, and yesterday he left me a 5 minute long answerphone message about ideas I could work into my Whitman essay. I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd already handed it in...

While I'm feeling mushy, let me just say that I feel really happy and (oh my god, am I actually this lame and pathetic? yes I am) privileged to have met some of the people that I've met here. You know who you are, you complete beasts, and I love you lots and lots. Like jelly tots. Hard. In the face.

Oh god, in that last paragraph I became everything I despise. Is *this* who I'll be for the rest of my life? I fucking hope not. Anyway, the whole Ireland stalking business has left me feeling compelled to make a list of stuff that anyone who's interested in The Troubles, or Irish history, or any of that stuff should read or see. It is mostly from the Irish point of view, so it's probably hideously biased, but whatever.

Because I'm a patronising, self-righteous weirdo with a conversion complex )

Tra la la. I also did another chapter of The Master And Margarita. Chapter Two is the trial and crucifixion of Jesus... from the POV of Pontius Pilate. This book is awesome.
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Yesterday I saw a play called Mad Forest, and it completely blew me away. It was about the Romanian Revolution of 1989, its aftermath, and the effects on two families.

Cut for gushing )

Anyway, I came out feeling amazingly ignorant about.. everything, so I did some very reliable 'research' on Wikipedia. If anyone's interested, here's the link:

Then we went to Ask, num num. One of these days I'll get some pictures up, because the place has to be seen to be believed. This was followed by another evening trip to Borders. I love that shop more than words. Anyway, my loan took another hit as I purchased:
1x Tristan & Isolde, DVD
1x Maragarita And The Master, Mikhail Bulgakov, Novel
1x The Map Of Love, Ahdaf Soueif, Novel

I really do have issues. Anyway, I started the Bulgakov, did the first chapter. It's completely amazing, but I started feeling really really guilty about not having finished Portrait of A Lady, so I manfully set it aside.

So, having returned home, we got stuck into Tristan & Isolde. I wasn't realy expecting great things, but I ended up enjoying it. Mainly because of Rufus Sewell. James Franco isn't the best actor, and his accent wasn't great, and the posters I'd seen had led me to belive that his hair would be better than it was. Anyway, Sophia Myles was fine, and the scenery was fucking breathtaking. *is wistful for Connemara*

Anyway, we paused the film at about 11.40, and pranced outside to see the lunar eclipse. I've never seen anything like that before. The moon was red. Anyway, we were all wrapped in blankets/ cloaks/ coats tied like Batman, and we were all feeling pretty pagan, so we basically danced around on the grass until it ws too cold to stay outside anymore.

Cut for paganism )

Apparently it was the best lunar eclipse for ten years.
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Woop! One book off my reading list!
I just finshed Notes On A Scandal, and it was pretty damn good. I love stuff with warped, unreliable narrators, and it raises some pretty interesting questions about gender roles and consent and responsibility and sex. And stuff. Anyway, read it if you like that sort of thing. And now I'm excited to see the film. Cat Blanchett as a floozy? Yes please. Judi Dench as a scary repressed schoolmarm? You knows it. Bill Nighy? Always.

I have also been really rather responsible, in that I've read some of the essays on Moby Dick from which I shall steal ideas, and I've learnt my Italian verbs. Haven't washed my hair yet, but you can't expect miracles.

Also, two of my best girlies are coming back to The Fax tomorrow! Emma, Wifey, you have been sorely missed.

Plus, BAFTAs tonight! I don't have E! on my cheapcheapcheap TV, but Louise has sworn to tape the red carpet stuff so we shall see The Barrowman in all his presenting glory (Dirty!).

Okay, now cover your eyes.
It's another meme. I have no self-control. Favourite Actresses, stolen from [ profile] three_nails

5 Favourite Actresses )
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I really do love Borders. At home, the bookshops don't stay open until 10 selling coffee. Anyway, last night, in a moment of weakness, I decided to succumb to the 3 for 2 offer. It wasn't my fault. It was flaunting itself like a cheap hussy, with stickers and everything.

I really haven't been reading as much as I usually do, which makes me feel guilty and unintelligent, so I'm going the whole hog. Thus, a reading list to alleviate said guilt.

A List Of Guilty Books )

And yes, I totally ripped off half of these from Gilmore Girls.


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