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Shakespeare + hot fellas = PHNAR

So, The Merchant Of Venice. We have Kris Marshall, Charlie Cox (because I told [ profile] three_nails I would), Jeremy Irons and a rather greasy Joseph Fiennes. Enjoy!

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This afternoon, I saw Ian McKellen play King Lear. It was a bit good.

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I CANNOT wait to see The Penelopiad in September.
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Last night was the first proper night out with the majority of my Port-based lovelies all holiday, and it was most likely the last, since half of them are going back to uni at the weekend. Good thing it was fucking hardcore, then.

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Big Atonement trailer! Watch it here!

Memey goodness, stolen from [ profile] whywastewords and [ profile] aliasness

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And finally: The cast list for S&S07!
David Morissey isn't on there, but he has been confirmed as Colonel Brandon by the BBC! Dominic Cooper was great in The History Boys, and I think he'll be a suitably charismatic Willoughby. Dan Stevens was the lead in The Line Of Beauty, so I'll love him forever. Excited now!

Oh, and I bought Northanger Abbey on DVD!

EDIT: I found this and it made me happy.

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Oh my lord. I am so very very excited.

I am now the proud owner of tickets to 2 Royal Shakespeare Company productions at Newcastle. One is an adaptation of Mararet Atwood's Penelopiad, which is itself a reworking of the Odyssey, and this makes me very excited, because the book rocks the cock. It's all about narrative and gender and reliable narrators and loyalty and guilt. As I said, rocks the cock.

The other is so exciting I can barely type without squeeing my little heart out: I am going to see Ian Fucking McKellen, Knight of the Realm, play King Lear.

The whole enterprise is very exciting, since it entails all manner of exciting arrangements such as the booking of Travelodges, the arranging of transport, and generally having joy-induced spaz attacks all over the shop. I praise the lord that Emma's parents are RSC members. I am a very lucky badger.

Ooh, and Romola Garai is in Lear, which also makes me happy. Yay for Atonement (and Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights)! Oddly enough, so is Sylvester McCoy. I'm going to see a production of King Lear starring Gandalf and Doctor Who.

*my head explodes with joy*

So, I'm offsetting all this culture by reading Heat magazine, and Twilight, a vampire novel aimed at young adults. This is the sort of thing that would usually make me shudder, but it's not half bad. Maybe I'm just drunk with joy. Or maybe I'm still drunk from last night's excessive wine consumption. Who knows?

And I bought the Klaxons album. To paraphrase the BeeGees, I win again.


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