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I need it to be New Year's Day RIGHT NOW.
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Picspam, full of Northanger Abbey-flavoured goodness.

Vaguely Plot-Based Spam )

Completely Gratuitous Spam Of Manly Goodness )

The End.

I'll be in my bunk.
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So, I discovered that my sister has PSP on her laptop. Unfortunately, she's lost the disk.

Behind this cut there be rather some rather appalling Northanger Abbey icons... )
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Last night was the first proper night out with the majority of my Port-based lovelies all holiday, and it was most likely the last, since half of them are going back to uni at the weekend. Good thing it was fucking hardcore, then.

In which Sophie and her bitches party like it's 1999 )

Big Atonement trailer! Watch it here!

Memey goodness, stolen from [ profile] whywastewords and [ profile] aliasness

I like books )

And finally: The cast list for S&S07!
David Morissey isn't on there, but he has been confirmed as Colonel Brandon by the BBC! Dominic Cooper was great in The History Boys, and I think he'll be a suitably charismatic Willoughby. Dan Stevens was the lead in The Line Of Beauty, so I'll love him forever. Excited now!

Oh, and I bought Northanger Abbey on DVD!

EDIT: I found this and it made me happy.

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Emma, as in the 1996 ITV adaptation, is a bit good. And here's the proof, in picspam format.

Vaguely Plot-Based Spam )

Completely Gratuitous Spam of Manly Goodness )
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Because of the whole Wicked fandango, I missed Doctor Who on Saturday. In addition to, you know, missing it, I've had to wander around LJ with my eyes squeezed closed and my fingers jammed firmly in my ears, going "la la la" rather loudly. Thankfully, after an agonising day, I caught the BBC Three repeat. That plus Persuasion equals one good night of telly.

Now I've met Miss Jones, and we'll keep on meeting until she dies/ is written out )

You pierce my soul )

Also, I am veryveryvery excited about David Morrissey playing Colonel Brandon. And it's my mum's birthday!
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Sunday night, 2136 hours approximately. Maloney's cocktail bar. An anguished wail is heard from the booth in the corner.

"Fuuuuuuck! Northanger Abbey! I forgot to put the tape in!"

In which Sophie redeems her period drama fan credentials via YouTube )

Okay, so now I am definitely going to crack on with my reading list. I think I might try and get Ivanhoe out of the way first... Ach, this always happens in the holidays. I haven't done *any* Italian yet or made any notable progress on my reading list. However, I did get an email from Gimpy Brian today, suggesting that, since we'll be talking a lot about slavery and abolition, everyone sees Amazing Grace. Well, you know, I'll do it for my course. But I won't enjoy watching Ioan Gruffud be righteous in a period costume, oh no I won't.

Persuasion on Sunday!
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Hee. The AustenBlog feed has been bitching about the complete lack of originality re: media coverage of the recent Austen explosion... But I rather like it. I was torn between this title or 'Jane Addiction' but I like to think I made the right call.

So, I saw Becoming Jane last night, which unfortunately clashed with the ITV Mansfield Park, which I duly taped and viewed this morning. There were things that I liked and disliked about both of them, although neither were as catastrophic as they could have been. Nobody's pissing on her grave just yet, anyway, which is a relief.

Becoming Jane: Here be spoilers )

Mansfield Park: A rambling analysis )

So, next week it's Northanger Abbey. Now *this* I am excited for. It's the only Austen I've never read, but the casting looks pretty good (yay for Carey Mulligan), and JJ Feild is cute beyond all belief. Plus, the trailer has this really sexy shot with Mr Tilney stroking Catherine's face. In the rain. Oh my.

Also, Arcade Fire will save your life.
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... That I rule.

Which Jane Austen Character Are You?

You are Eliza Bennett from Pride and Prejudice! Yay, you! Perhaps the brightest and best character in all of English literature, you are intelligent, lively, lovely-- in short, you are the best of company. Your only foibles are that you stick with your first impressions... and your family is quite intolerable.
Take this quiz!

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The Mac is everywhere in my life at the moment. He keeps popping up and twinkling his freckles at me... I'm not doing it on purpose!

I saw The Last King of Scotland a few weeks ago and it completely blew my mind. It's been ages since I saw a new film that was so visually stunning and emotionally affecting. All the reviews I read focused on Forest Whittaker's colossal portrayal of Idi Amin, but my friends and I felt that McAvoy deserved more recognition. His character Nicholas Garrigan isn't particularly likeable, but he's played with such honesty and charm that it's impossible not to warm to him. And BAFTA obviously agrees with us, because McAvoy's up for Best Supporting Actor! Although he has far more screentime than Whittaker... Pfft. Oh, and he gets his cock out.

Then, I finished my re-read of Atonement, by Ian McEwan, as part of my ongoing war of attrition with my university course. I still haven't finished my set texts, so I'm winning! I think. Anyway, I then find squillions of new icons for the upcoming adaptation starring Keira Knightley and.... James McAvoy. And he does look rather scrummy in his army uniform.

Which brings me to my next point. My friend is educating me in the ways of the HBO series Band Of Brothers, and who should feature rather prominently up in today's episode? You guessed it. And he was so young and innocent looking. And freckled, obviously. If you haven't seen it, do. Unless you don't like violence, in which case watch it through your fingers, because it's worth it. I don't want to spoil it, so I shall just sigh heavily and leave it at that.

Finally, my lovely friend directed me in the direction of the trailer for Becoming Jane. McAvoy + Austen = Happy me.


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