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Because I am Queen Of Procrastination, and I don't want to research my essay, I present this! Basically, it is a pretty spam of the people I was crushing on in each month of the year. It's good, I promise. Although you must not judge me too harshly for some of them...

2007: Good Times, Hot Guys )

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. I read your journals, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you for your interest in my words.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself? Any old thing at all, the more trivial and fascinating, the better. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...they like rubbing clams on themselves and wearig ruffs."
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I just bought the 2003 BBC version of The Other Boleyn Girl on DVD, watched it, and capped the hell out of it. Sigh.

Apologies for the size of the caps, but I'm too lazy/ unskilled to shrink them.

So.... Attempt at a picspam? Here goes. Spoilers ahoy.

Vaguely Plot-Based Spam )

Okay, so my pathetic attempt at conveying the details of plot being over and done with, let's move onto the shallow, shallow reasons that I actually bought this DVD.

Completely Gratuitous Spam Of Manly Goodness )

So, there you have it. One picspam, courtesy of BBC DVD. I would also like to clarify that Philip Glenister isn't really my boyfriend, and I'm not a stalker. I just love him.

And Easy Louisey, these are yours for the saving.
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This weekend is shaping up to be... Eventful.

First of all, Emma and I fell headlong in to the depths of Les Mis obsession, and have spent hours watching the DVD, listening to the soundtrack, reading the novel, playing the songs (badly) on Michael... And buying tickets to see the show in Londinium for £50 each. My relationship with my bank balance is very S&M. This awakened obsession has also resulted in many an hour spent cruising LJ for info and choice icons, of which there are many. I also discovered the delectable Aaron Lazar, currently playing Enjolras in the Broadway revival. Here's his homepage; I particularly recommend the Gallery section...

This evening Emma, Louise and myself made a pilgrimage to Vue, our mission being to see Hot Fuzz, starring the delectable Simon Pegg, and featuring many a classy Brit actor. Also, kudos to Rafe Spall for being very hot indeed. I was desperately trying not to get my hopes up, in case it wasn't quite as good as Shaun Of The Dead, but it completely was, so yay! Then , we ventured on to Frankie & Benny's. Needless to say, we ate like the gluttons we are, and now I feel queasy.

This glorious day was rounded off with a trip to Wifey's room to watch Sharpe's Justice. Now, not only did this star Sean 'Sex' Bean, it also featured My TV Boyfriend Philip Glenister! Sigh. He looked rather smashing in velvet, even if the hair was a bit Duran Duran. He was still butch as anything, though. It was like Gene Hunt with principles. And while on the subject...

Cut for psychoanalysis )

And tomorrow, the plan is to dodge the Neighbours Omnibus bullet, crack on with the Italian, then settle in for the first few hours of State Of Play (Simm! Morrisey! McAvoy! Glenister! Nighy!), watch Recovery (Angsty Bearded Tennant!) and then finish off SOP. It shall be magnificent.

Okay, so here comes some rather brazen pimpage. I have this bizarre thing where, when I get into a show, or a band, or whatever, I cannot rest easy until I have converted others to the cause.

They only want me for my Pimp Juice )

Finally, I love [ profile] thedreamygirl for making me this:
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That's practically canon, y'all.


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